First, I do not say that everyone must become a farmer — or even move to a farming community. For some, this will be the right path. But I would probably starve if I had to live on what I can grow. I do not call for such a simplistic course of action for everyone — but rather for a consistently Christian way of thinking about these things that starts with God’s created order as it is revealed in the book of Genesis.
What I do say is that the original calling of mankind is to steward the earth, and that God has never revoked that calling. So the ideal model for society is a decentralized agrarian culture, that labors to produce wholesome food in a way that does not destroy the earth, and that brings out the order and beauty of the natural world for the glory of the Creator. And since it is God’s design (Genesis 1:28; 2:5,15; 3:23) we should do what we can to promote that ideal, and pray and work to see it realized.
The current social order, the technological society, which sets man against God, against man, and against nature, is designed for the benefit of the few at the top. To the extent that the gospel affects men’s hearts, they will inevitably change in the direction of honest labor, simplicity of life, self-sufficiency and community that the City of Man cannot offer them.

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