Atheism, Agnosticism and Morality

Atheists sometimes make the claim that just because they are Atheists does not mean that they are immoral; but then they turn around and say that morality is a result of evolution. These statements cannot be reconciled. For the only kind of “morality” that could result from random natural processes would be a morality of convenience.

One is not moral because, under normal circumstances, he does the right thing. He is moral because he does the right thing under any and all circumstances – even under circumstances that make morality costly to him. He is moral, because he knows that moral standards did not just evolve with mankind because it provided a survival benefit; but rather because moral behavior is the absolute demand of His Creator; because a moral life will be rewarded, and an immoral life will lead to punishment. But further, a truly moral man will do right because he loves to do right, because he wants to bless his fellow-men, and because it pleases the God whom he loves.

The kind of morality that atheists put forward is a poor, vapid, heartless thing. It is an empty shell. It is a purely negative thing. And it ultimately fails even of coherence. Atheists are, by definition, immoral.

Howard Douglas King

March 2, 2019


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