A Historic Moment

(Written September 7, 2014)

We are about to become one of the first nations in history to be so unwise as to sanctify by our laws the cohabitation of sexual perverts, as if their illicit union were in fact, the same thing as holy wedlock. Other peoples, such as the ancient Greeks, were infamous for their indulgence in sodomy and lesbianism; but they never did what we are about to do. They never were so maddened with lust, so blinded by passion, as to even propose such a thing. On the one hand, there was marriage, and that was natural and good. It was the foundation of the family, and hence, of social order. On the other hand, there was fornication, in all its forms. Though indulged widely, it was not confused with its opposite.

But neither, among the Greeks, was man confused with woman. We have surpassed all the ancients also in this; that our radical egalitarianism has all but eliminated the wholesome distinctions between the sexes; not only in dress and manners, but in roles and social functions. We have so eradicated the God-ordained differences that our young men and women growing up do not know who or what they are, or how they ought to act, especially in the intimate relations of family, of friendship, and of courtship.

Women are encouraged, in common with men, to aspire to careers, rather than to aspire to be wives and mothers. They are groomed for roles in leadership over men, and for participation in our governmental assemblies. The authority of men over their own property and family members has been so deeply compromised that a man has no authority or superiority as a man anymore. Accordingly, the family has broken down, possibly irreparably.

Naturally, now that sexual differences no longer exist, men and women expect to live as the new rules permit without running into any obstacles to their depraved indulgences, or any stigma attaching thereto. This, though revolting to all persons of reason and decency, should not be a surprise. We have sown the seed of egalitarianism, atheism and the reckless indulgence of individual liberty; and we must now reap a harvest of social implosion. We have, as we imagine, displaced our “obsolete” Creator with the Gods of confusion; and Christian social order has been replaced by a Bacchanalian orgy.

If our national Supreme Court rules in the cases now before it that marriage is not limited to couples of the opposite sex, that homosexual persons have particular moral and legal rights as such (instead of being reckoned, as they are, deviants and criminals), and may enter into unions equivalent in every way to marriage, then it will be clear to the world that we have become morally insane – even exceeding the degradation of Sodom and Gomorrah. What the consequences must be in a world that is still the realm of a holy God, I leave my readers to imagine.

Howard Douglas King

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