The Proclamation

Let all within the sound of my voice hearken! I bring tidings of the greatest importance to every one of you, from the most powerful Man in the world, the High King of all Kings, and Ruler of the kings of the earth.

He reminds you that you have sinned against Him all your life long, by failing to render to Him who made you the thanks, the reverence, the obedience due unto Him as more than a father to you. Moreover, you have added to this ungrateful and sinful neglect of Him all manner of vile and despicable acts, breaking His holy commandments in thought, word and deed — and that in instances too numerous to tell. You have sinned against God and others, against knowledge and against conscience. Your evil heart has been a very fountain of sins, pouring forth evil continually! No one with less than the infinite patience of God would have born with you for one year; let alone for your whole life!

But He has born with you; and this is an evidence of His great goodwill. Nevertheless it would be a mistake to think, as many have done, that He will allow you to go on in your evil way forever without punishment. The King my Master therefore declares that there will be a day of judgment for all men; and that He has been appointed by His Father as Universal Judge. The wages of sin is death — nothing less than eternal damnation! And He will by no means clear the guilty in that dread Day! Impenitent sinners, whoever and whatever they may be, will be cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, there to lie in agony and utter despair until time shall be no more!

Hear this, oh careless ones, mockers and blasphemers! You cannot say that you have not been warned. Your own conscience has often cried out that you are endangering your immortal souls by the wicked things that you love to do! Many of you will lie on your deathbeds screaming, knowing that the end is nigh, and that the inevitable day of reckoning has come! There will be no remedy in that day, and you will know it, and the terror will drive you mad! But that will be just a foretaste of your woe! The terrible reality will far exceed the imagining.

Therefore, it is of the greatest imaginable importance to you that this mighty Lord has commissioned me to declare a full pardon of all past offenses against his Majesty, on condition of enlisting in his service. To be explicit, he offers a free pardon, and permanent exemption from punishment to whomever he be – man, woman or child – who shall renounce his great Enemy and all his works, forsake the world with all its vain customs, and engage in a perpetual warfare against the lusts of his own flesh.

He summons you to eternal glory and everlasting joy, provided you submit to his rightful rule, and from henceforth entrust your persons and estates entirely to his disposal. He promises that you will suffer the rage of the enemy, the contempt of the world, and a perpetual warfare against your own fleshly desires. He promises neither long life, nor ease, nor security while you are in this world; but only a sufficiency of the necessities of life for as long as he requires your service. In short, he requires of you faithfulness, with no visible reward until your term of service is completed. This you must take on trust.

To those who, with full understanding, and from the heart, accept of his offer, he promises this; that he will always be available to hear their requests and meet any need. In short, he pledges his everlasting friendship, which is worth more than all the world!

The King my Master would have me further declare, that he does not make this offer because you are worthy of such kindness. You are unworthy – and in fact, worthy rather of death and endless punishment. It is his infinite condescension, compassion and grace alone that have moved him to send his messengers with this offer of life.

He therefore requires that his servants give up all claim to merit, to worthiness, to personal righteousness. None are righteous (the King himself being excepted) for it is the absolute perfection of his righteous life and the obedience he offered to God by the willing sacrifice of himself that has procured God’s favor for us.

He knows that some of you will scorn the message and turn away to their own destruction. The blame must fall on their own heads. It would be better for them if they had never been born. But do you look to your own salvation – not at the disobedience of others. Accept of this gracious suit without delay, while you have opportunity. Death or incapacitating illness or injury may intervene if you delay; in which case you will justly perish. Resolve to act now, and all is sure. Then, neither life nor death will be able to separate you from the love of God. He assures us in the strongest terms that he shall never perish who puts his trust in him.

Consider the surpassing greatness of the One who offers, the astonishing magnanimity of the offer, the immeasurable value of His friendship, the glory of the eternal reward promised! You have nothing to lose that is of lasting value, and an incorruptible life of purest blessedness to gain!

You put him off at your peril. Do not forget that you have sinned against this God countless times! He owes you nothing: He may withdraw this offer at any time. I beseech you, in Heaven’s name, do not be deceived! This is a true offer; but it is for a limited time only. Trust the word of the high King of heaven, the word of him who is called “the true and faithful witness”, the word of one who himself suffered so that he could make this offer to you today. Trust the word of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This moment is the most important moment of your life. Your whole future is on the line. Heaven and Hell lie before you – eternal bliss and eternal woe! Choose life – now!

Who will answer? Who will declare himself today to be from henceforth the Lord’s servant? Who will embrace the good news and save himself alive? No one can answer for you. “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.”

This is my Master’s message. It is yours to act upon it. My commission to you is hereby discharged. And may God have mercy upon your souls.



Howard Douglas King

July 12, 2014

Revised July 25, 2017