What’s Wrong with “Men, Women and Biblical Equality”? Part 13

A Biblical Examination of the Original Doctrinal Statement of the “Christians for Biblical Equality”


The manifesto closes with this emphatic statement, followed by the names of the signatories. 

We believe that biblical equality as reflected in this document is true to Scripture.  We stand united in our conviction that the Bible, in its totality, is the liberating Word that provides the most effective way for women and men to exercise their gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit and thus to serve God.”

I, and the church universal with me, believe that “biblical equality” is a myth that is opposed to Scripture, and devastating to the family, the church, and the broader society. We believe that the claim of faithfulness to Scripture for such a vile, unbiblical and destructive doctrine is tantamount to blasphemy. We believe that men and women must use their gifts within the framework that God has really ordained; and that they greatly err who think otherwise.

I believe that this refutation is justified by the fact that the CBE still propagates this document in several languages around the world. Something ought to be available that refutes it directly. I am not aware of any other such thorough refutation extant. It has been an arduous work; but I hope to be rewarded by the help it will give to some who need to be equipped to stand against it; and by some who may be kept by it from making one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in life – namely, by marrying a spouse who does not understand how marriage is supposed to work, or who is unwilling to accept the role that belongs to his or her own sex.

Howard Douglas King

January 31, 2020