What’s Wrong with “Men, Women and Biblical Equality”? Part 1

A Biblical Examination of the Original Doctrinal Statement of the “Christians for Biblical Equality”


Christians for Biblical Equality” [hereafter referred to as CBE] was formed in 1988 to agitate for the renovation of Christian society and church life, to make it conform to the reigning spirit of the age – radical Egalitarianism. The very name is self-contradictory, for what the Bible teaches is not the equality of men and women, but rather that woman was made from man and for man (1 Cor 11:8-9) – both which facts are interpreted by the Apostle Paul to mean her subordinate status (11:10). He even states that the man “is the image and glory of God, but the woman is the [image and] glory of the man”(11:7) – which places man in a relation to woman analogous to God’s (very unequal) relation to Adam (see also 11:3). Hence, we are told that godly Sarah obeyed her husband Abraham, calling him “Lord“, and was commended by the Apostle Peter, writing under inspiration, for doing so (1 Peter 3:6).

There is no such thing as a “biblical equality” of the sexes in the sense that CBE means – that is, that the woman is not subordinate to the man. Nor would such a constitution of things be good. God is too wise to have made the family a two-headed monster. The sexes are rather designed to complement each other by assuming God-ordained distinctive roles, and submitting to the performance of specific duties not shared by both. This division of labor according to designed predisposition and capability is wise indeed, and has served the human family well for six thousand years.

The myth of “Equality”, on the other hand, was the brainchild of a degenerate French philosopher of the so-called “Enlightenment” named Rousseau, the acknowledged father of the Jacobin revolution in France and its “Reign of Terror”, the spiritual grand-sire of the Bolsheviks and all their mass violations of humanity, and the patron saint invoked to justify radical abolitionism and Lincoln’s bloody war against the Southern people – all these outrages were perpetrated by believers in Rousseau’s ideal of “Equality” and were justified by that specious pretext. The modern form of egalitarian Marxism is usually called “socialism”, which seems innocuous; but it is the same thing as Marxism, Bolshevism, and Communism in its principles. Its adherents are still shedding blood in Socialist revolutions around the world.

Why has Egalitarianism caused so much bloodshed? Because it is rebellion against God, and that is where all rebellion tends – to the contempt of His image in our fellow-men, to self-justification and pride, to ruthlessness in the pursuit of victory and vindication. Radical egalitarianism strikes out at all authority and order, except what it can itself impose, by brute force. All who hate Divine Wisdom love death (Proverbs 8:36).

But quite apart from the disastrous historical record of Egalitarianism is its more immediate threat. Socialism is not dead; and we all know what evils it can produce if it gains the ascendancy in a nation. All the havoc in society wrought by the Suffragettes, and their heirs, the Feminists, is owing to this demand for equality. Both church and family are on the brink of total collapse – and in no small part due to the ravings of these fools, who refuse to learn anything from the Bible or from history. They choose rather to revise history and to re-interpret Scripture in order to make both bow down to their their idol – their inviolable interpretive principle of “equality”.

These are strong words, and to make them good, I should be able to refute their own official explication of their doctrines. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the rest of us, they have shamelessly set forth their vile principles in a document called, “Men, Women and Biblical Equality”. I first saw this “Manifesto” as a paid advertisement in the pages of Christianity Today, in 1989. Now it is posted on their Internet website for all to see. This was written in September of 2004. The “manifesto” was removed from the front page of the CBE website and buried in some other place, after they were notified that this series had been published. Their current statement of their mission and values does not appear on the front page; but it may be found at CBE’s Mission and Values. The original statement is still online, and is still used to draw in the unwary. It only remains for us to compare the statements in their manifesto with those found in the Bible to show how shallow – and indeed, without foundation – is the idea that the equality of the sexes is a biblical and Christian idea.

It is my plan to go through the document part-by-part, omitting nothing from my inquiry. This will forestall the accusation of a disingenuous selectivity – that I am only answering their weak arguments – for I shall thus be forced to deal with all. The document breaks down into a sort of “preamble”, followed by a section called “Biblical Truths”, and another, final section called “Application”.

Howard Douglas King

January 31, 2020

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